The Stratis Blockchain

Quick Overview of the Stratis Blockchain Stratis seems to be one of the more business focused Blockchains.  They have taken a different route in that

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Add Custom Token To MyEtherWallet

Have you wondered how to see other Tokens besides Ether in your Ethereum Wallet? Check out this guide for a quick and easy way to see all kinds of Ethereum Tokens using MyEtherWallet!

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The Ethereum Blockchain Basics

Ethereum is a Blockchain that has a focus on Smart Contracts and allowing for Decentralized Applications. It is one of the biggest names in the Blockchain universe and has a very strong backing.

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What is a Smart Contract?

Smart Contracts allow for a variety of transactions to take place in a transparent and trustless way by enforcing agreements through the use of computer code. A few examples of Smart Contracts…

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Trading cryptocurrencies made easier - Bitcoin evolution app review

Traders can now handle market price fluctuations without stress due to the implementation of automated trading apps. The Bitcoin evolution app uses AI algorithms in the background to do high-frequency trading. …

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What is a Blockchain?

Blockchain technology is actually not as new as most people might think. While there could be arguments on the true origination of Blockchain technology, we will use the initial release date of Bitcoin, January 2009

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