Month: February 2017

The Stratis Blockchain

Quick Overview of the Stratis Blockchain Stratis seems to be one of the more business focused Blockchains.  They have taken a different route in that you can create Blockchain applications using C# and .Net.  For the non-developers, C# and .Net are very mature technologies and have an extremely large audience.  A Blockchain allowing the use of these tools will only help companies adopt Blockchains at a faster rate.  Let’s dig into some details of the Stratis Blockchain. The Stratis Wallet The Stratis Wallet is currently available for Mac OS and Windows users.  The most current Stratis Wallet can be...

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Using a Block Explorer to check balances and see transactions

A Block Explorer is the perfect example of how much transparency a Blockchain provides.  Each Blockchain will likely have a website dedicated to showing all of the transactions taking place on it.  We will go over the basic functionality provided by a Block Explorer below!   Typical Homepage The homepage of a Block Explorer will vary from one to the next.  However, they generally have the same type of information front and center.  This is similar to banks and online banking.  Layouts and some features may be unique to that bank, but overall they will be very similar.  Let’s look...

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