Checking Your Ethereum Wallet Balance With MyEtherWallet

Using MyEtherWallet to check your Ethereum Wallet holdings is extremely quick and easy to do. Check this guide out to check your holdings in a few simple steps.

If you have just finished the 'MyEtherWallet Tutorial', it is time to learn how to check the balance of your wallet!  Please note that you do not need to create an Ethereum Wallet on MyEtherWallet to be able to view the balance of your Wallet.  As an example, my original wallet was created through the Mist browser, but I use MyEtherWallet to take a quick peak at my holdings.

Head on over to MyEtherWallet.


Viewing your Ethereum Wallet Balance

1.  Select 'View Wallet Info' from the navigation bar

2. Choose the format of your Private Key.  Going by the tutorial we posted earlier, we will be using the 'Keystore File' option

3.  Click the 'Select Wallet File' and you will be prompted with a standard file explorer, so navigate to your Keystore File and hit ok

4.  A screen similar to the below should appear.  Enter the STRONG password you used when originally creating the Wallet.

5.  Click the 'Unlock' button (it may take a couple of seconds to open, so don't worry)

6.  If it was successful, a screen similar to what is shown below should appear.  The sections of this screen will be broken out into more detail below.

Account Address, Private Key, and QR Codes

This should look familiar.  Basically, it's the same section shown right after generating your wallet.  

Paper Wallet, Keystore File, and JSON File

This section should also be familiar from the prior account generation screen.  If you ever lose your Paper Wallet, or need another copy of your Keystore File this is the place to get it.  Don't forget, there were multiple options for unlocking your account, so you don't need the Keystore File to get to the Keystore File!

Account Balance Section

This is the awesome section, it shows the different Tokens and their associated balances in your Wallet.  They even give you an Equivalent Values section so you can see the USD, EUR, and BTC values if you were to convert the Tokens to the respective currencies listed.  There is also a link to the Transaction History, where you can see all of the transactions associated with your address.  This will covered in more detail in a future post regarding Block Explorers!

Custom Tokens

You will notice there is a 'Show All Tokens' and 'Add Custom Token' button on this screen as well.    If you hit the 'Show All Tokens' button, you will see every default Token MyEtherWallet includes, as well as any you have added (shown below).  Yes, there is a Unicorn Token!

The only Token I have added so far is the vSlice token (VSL), which was created by the vDice team.  To see how I did this, check out 'Adding a Custom Token to MyEtherWallet'.  It is a simple and quick process, so be sure to check it out!


Hopefully this guide came in handy and showed you how to view your Ethereum Wallet holdings using MyEtherWallet.  This can be used with any Ethereum Wallet address as long as you have one of the needed items to Unlock the Wallet!

For discussion, how many tokens are in your Ethereum Wallet?  What are they?

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Newbee question here: Does ethereum only show up as full token amounts? Not parts such as .005? My balance says zero even though mining for a while. I guess the partials don’t show up until you actually get a full coin? Thanks