This guide will show you how to use MyEtherWallet to send ETH and other Ethereum based Tokens from your Ethereum wallet.  If you do not have an Ethereum wallet be sure to check out the “Creating an Ethereum Wallet” post.


Sending Ether and Tokens using MyEtherWallet (MEW)

1.  Once you go to MyEtherWallet’s homepage, select the ‘Send Ether & Tokens’ option


2.  For this example we are accessing the wallet with the Keystore file, so select the ‘Keystore / JSON File’ option (1).  Then click “SELECT WALLET FILE…” (2), choose your Keystore file (not shown), and then enter the password for your wallet (3) .  After your password is entered, click “Unlock” (4).


3. You should now see a screen that looks similar to what is shown below.

To Address: Enter the address of the recipient and double check it!  Double checking cannot be stressed enough.  If you send to the wrong address you will likely never see your tokens again.  There are also reports of malware that ‘stick’ an address to your clipboard, so when you paste into the address field it will actually be a different address than what you copied!

Amount to Send: Enter the amount you want to send.  Note that if you want to send a different token, you will need to select the “Load Tokens” button.  You can then use the drop down list (shows ETH in the screenshot below) to select a different Ethereum token to send.

Gas Limit: The gas limit should be calculated automatically, so you can leave that alone.

Once the 3 fields are filled out, select “Generate Transaction”.


4.  If the transaction generation is successful, you will see a screen similar to what is shown below.  Click “Send Transaction”.


5.  A confirmation will pop-up and show you the address you are sending from, amount being sent, and the recipients address.  Double check that all of this information is correct and then click “Yes, I am sure!  Make transaction.”


6.  If the transaction was accepted, you should see a green pop-up at the bottom of your screen with the transaction ID.  You can put this ID in on a block explorer to check the status, or click the option in this pop-up to view it as well.


That’s it!  You have just sent ETH or another Ethereum token to someone else!  Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or issues when trying to send through MEW!  Need some ETH for your wallet?  Check out Coinbase, an easy-to-use and reputable exchange!



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