NEO and the Neon Wallet

Most likely you have seen the word NEO floating around the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.  NEO is a blockchain that has 2 main cryptocurrencies called NEO and GAS.  It is similar to the Ethereum Blockchain having Ether (ETH).  Since NEO is on it’s own blockchain, you cannot send NEO (or GAS) to an Ethereum wallet, Bitcoin wallet, etc.  You have to setup a NEO wallet, and this guide will show you how to easily setup the NEON wallet for storing your NEO and GAS.  Note that there are many other cryptocurrencies on the NEO blockchain, but that is out of the scope of this guide.

The NEON Wallet is maintained by the City Of Zion, which is an open-source global NEO developer community.  They fully support the NEO Blockchain core and ecosystem, so there is a lot of credibility here.  This wallet also allows you to claim GAS generated from keeping your NEO in it.  Check out this guide on how to stake NEO for GAS for more information.


Steps to Setup the NEON Wallet


1. Go to the City of Zion GitHub page

2. Grab the latest version by scrolling to the first “Downloads” section and choose the file for the operating system you are using (Windows for this guide)

3. Run the file you just downloaded, it should look like the below screenshot


4. Upon completion, open the Neon Wallet application if it did not auto-open


5. Select “Create a New Wallet


6. Enter a passphrase, and then repeat the passphrase. DO NOT SKIMP ON THIS STEP!  Cryptocurrencies can be worth a lot of money, so do not take any chances.  After entering the passphrases, click “Generate Keys


7. Note the big red message at the top of the pop-up window. It cannot be stressed enough, people have lost tens of thousands of dollars to stuff like this.  Save all the information somewhere safe.


8. Name the key and then click “Save Key”. You should see a message appear across the top that it saved.


9. Click the “Back” button


10. Technically that is it! However, we will go ahead and try logging into the wallet to make sure it worked.  Click “Login using a saved wallet


11. Choose your wallet from the drop down (name you gave it in step 8), enter the passphrase, and click “Login


12. If you see a screen that looks like the below screenshot, you are officially done!



The NEON Wallet is a great wallet to store your NEO and GAS in.  I will cover the other parts of this wallet in future tutorials.  There are also a couple of other options for a NEO wallet that I will be creating tutorials for.  Now go buy some NEO from an exchange and test out the wallet!  Check out my quick overviews on the Binance exchange and Kucoin exchange for 2 great places to pick up some NEO.


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