If you are using a Chrome browser, I highly suggest installing the MetaMask plugin.  This will allow you to use your Ethereum wallet on certain Ethereum based platforms (such as EtherDelta).  MetaMask has been around for a very long time and is widely used by the Ethereum community.  I will be doing more tutorials on MetaMask soon, so be sure to subscribe to the mailing list!


Steps to add a custom token

  1. Make sure you are connected to the “Main Network” and click the “Tokens” tab


  1. Click the “Add Token” button


  1. Enter in the Token Contract Address, Token Symbol, and Decimals of Precision. For this example I will use the same info from the guide on “Adding a custom token using MyEtherWallet”.  Notice MetaMask will auto-populate the Token Symbol and Decimals of Precision field after entering the Token Contract Address, so you may not need to manually enter in the symbol and decimals.
  • Token Contract Address: 0x65B9D9B96bccE0b89d807413E4703D2C7451593a
  • Token Symbol: TKNC (this defaulted to TKN, but I changed it to TKNC to show you can name these as you see fit)
  • Decimals: 8


  1. Click the “Add” button, and assuming you have the token in your wallet, you should see it populate as shown below



It’s an easy and straight forward process.  The hardest part can be tracking down the Token Contract Addresses.  More MetaMask tutorials will be coming soon!  If you need a wallet to connect to MetaMask, check out the setting up an Ethereum wallet using MyEtherWallet post!


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