The CryptoKitty Phenomenon

If you haven’t heard, there is a new phenomenon in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world called CryptoKitties.  Some are touting it as Ethereum’s first killer dapp.  While buying a CryptoKitty might seem like a joke at first, the amount of attention this has spurred in it’s first week being live is insane.  It’s also fun to breed your CryptoKitties to see if you get any of the rare Fancy cats.  Check out this guide on how to breed your CryptoKitties once you buy some! 

It’s also an excellent display of blockchain technology.  Users can buy/sell a CryptoKitty without needing to worry about trusting the other party because everything is handled in a smart contract.  If these were being sold on Ebay you would have to worry about counterfeits, scams, delivery, etc.  You also don’t really need an account to use the platform, just sign into your MetaMask and provide an E-mail address to receive updates about your activity. 

Before starting this guide:

  • Open the desktop version of Chrome or Firefox
  • Open MetaMask and connect to the account you want to use for your purchases
  • Have Ether (ETH) in your MetaMask wallet (here’s a guide if you need to buy some ETH)


Steps to buying a CryptoKitty

1. Go to the CryptoKitties website

2. Click the “Start meow” button


3. You should see your wallet address in the “Wallet Address” field. Enter in your E-mail address and a Nickname.  Then click “Save account info


4. MetaMask will prompt you to sign a message, click “Sign


5. It should default you to your “My Kitties” page, which will likely be blank if this is the first time you have logged in. Go to “Marketplace


6. The “For Sale” page will default the sorting to “Youngest first”, but I went ahead and changed it to “Cheapest first”. Click a CryptoKitty that catches your attention (top screenshot) and you will be taken to their profile page (bottom screenshot).  Note the price above their head is in ETH, so the one I highlighted below is being sold for 0.0499 ETH.


NOTE: There are a lot of important details on this profile page.  The chart to the right of the “Buy now” button shows us the starting price of this CryptoKitty and the lowest price it will go too.  In this case, the kitty will go to 0.04 towards the end of the 23 hours.  The left of the “Buy now” button shows us how much time is left for this sale and the current “Buy now price“.  You can also see the “Cattributes” towards the bottom.  Some are more rare than others and can get you some really unique Kitties, called “Fancy” in the CryptoKitties world.  That will come in a future article!

Check out the KittyExplorer for detailed information on the different Cattributes, prices, generations, etc.!


7. If you like everything you see on their profile page, click the “Buy now” button


8. It will open a new window that shows you the details. Double check everything and then click “OK, buy this Kitty


9. MetaMask will prompt you to confirm the transaction. Double check the details and then click “SUBMIT”

10. If MetaMask takes the transaction, you should be taken to your CryptoKitties activity page and will see something like the below screenshot.  If MetaMask fails, you can try submitting the transaction again.  The network is currently overwhelmed so it can take a few tries!


11. As of this writing, the network is bogged down so it might be better to just wait for the E-mail confirmation that your purchase was completed. You can always go back to the Activity page at anytime and check though.  If it fails, go back to the Marketplace and start at step 6 again.  Once you have a successful purchase your kitty will appear on the “My Kitties” page as shown below.


That’s it for buying a CryptoKitty.  Once you are ready to sell, check out the guide onHow to sell your CryptoKitty



Hats off to the creators of this Dapp.  It really does showcase the amazing benefits of a blockchain, while keeping it simple and enjoyable for the masses.  We get caught up in so many projects trying to use blockchains to help us with inter-stellar space travel that it’s refreshing to see something fun and enjoyable for everyone. Now go collect as many CryptoKitties as you can!  Feel free to link to yours in the comments section if you would like to sell them!  If you need an Ethereum wallet to load into MetaMask check out this post.  If you need to purchase some ETH to buy a Kitty check out this post.  

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  1. Gabrielle

    Hi , can anyone tell me how to pay for a kitty other way than using Coinbase which is not working in China ?

    • Chris McCoy

      Hello Gabrielle,

      Do you already have some ETH or are you looking for a place to buy some first?


    • Chris McCoy

      Thanks for this! I saw it yesterday and forgot what it was called. Updating article now


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