CryptoKitties Breeding

Once you have at least 2 CryptoKitties you can start to breed them with each other.  You could do this with 1, but that requires using a Sire and will be covered in a future guide.  Check out this guide on how to buy a CryptoKitty if you don’t already own one.  There are people buying CryptoKitties in droves to be able to do this. 

At the time of this writing, the average price was $20+ for 1 CryptoKitty.  You can see why this might be lucrative.  Pop out 50 CryptoKitties in a week and it’s not a bad paycheck for breeding digital cats.  If you are lucky and get a rare, or Fancy kitty as they call it, you could make hundreds or thousands off just one. ETH is required to be able to interact with the CryptoKitties platform, so be sure to have some in your wallet.  If you need help buying, check out this guide on how to buy ETH using Coinbase.

NOTE: There are 3 ways to breed your CryptoKitties.  This guide will cover breeding among CryptoKitties you already have.  The next guides will cover breeding with a Sire.

Before starting this guide:

  • Open the desktop version of Chrome or Firefox
  • Log into MetaMask and connect to the account your CryptoKitties are allocated to


Steps to breeding a CryptoKitty

1. Go to the CryptoKitties website

2. Click the “Start meow” button


3. If you haven’t cleared your browsing history, you should be taken straight to your “My Kitties” page. Otherwise, just enter the requested details (E-mail and Nickname), click “Save account info”, and click “Sign” when MetaMask prompts you to sign a message.


4. Click one of the CryptoKitties that you would like to breed


5. Click the “Breed Kitty” button


6. Here you have 2 choices. You can either “Sire to the public” or “Sire with my Kitties”.  In this guide we use the “Sire with my Kitties” option.     


7. Click the “OK, let’s get started” button


8. Click the “Select your Kitty” button


9. Choose the CryptoKitty you want to breed with


10. Click “OK, give them some privacy


11. MetaMask will prompt you to confirm the transaction, double check the details and click “Submit”.  Note the screenshot below is an example, it will not cost $25 to breed!


12. If the transaction takes, it should take you to your “Activity” page. In this case, my transaction was successful as shown below!  Note the network has been slow due to the volume of transactions, you may need to leave and check it after a while to see the “Successful” message.


13. Now when you go back to your “My Kitties” page, you will have 1 CryptoKitty with a “Resting x time” and another with “Bun in oven x time”.

  • Resting - Kitty cannot breed for this length of time
  • Bun in Oven – Your new CryptoKitty will be born in this amount of time


That’s it!  You have just successfully mated 2 of your CryptoKitties and will have a new one soon.  Note that the cool down rating of a CryptoKitty impacts the time for breeding.  Here is a list of the different cool down designations:

For some interesting data and insight into the CryptoKitties phenomenon, check out KittyExplorer.



Once you have 2 CryptoKitties you should give breeding a shot.  Some people are lucky enough to get the Vampires, Ducks, and other odd CryptoKitty creations.  Even if you don’t want to keep the offspring, you can follow this guide to sell it and maybe make some ETH! 


Feel free to list your sale links in the comments below and please consider sharing this article to help newcomers!


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