Exodus Cryptocurrency Wallet

Once you have your Exodus wallet, you will probably want to store some cryptocurrencies in it.  Exodus makes this a simple and quick process.  Once you have funded your wallet you can create a backup, which could save you from trouble down the road.  The guide below will show you how to easily make a deposit into Exodus.  Check out this guide on how to buy Bitcoin or how to buy Ethereum from Coinbase if you need funds to deposit into Exodus.

If you need an Exodus wallet, check out this guide.

Steps to Deposit into Exodus

1. Open your Exodus wallet


2. Click the “Wallet” button


3. Click on the cryptocurrency you will be depositing into your Exodus wallet. In this case I will be sending some Ether (ETH) to my wallet, so I selected “Ethereum


4. Click the “RECEIVE” button


5. This screen will show you your Ethereum wallet address, which is where you will send your ETH. Click the “Copy this address” button


6. Go to the place that you currently have your ETH stored (exchange or another private wallet). If sending from MyEtherWallet you can use this guide.  In this example, I sent from a Coinbase account.  When prompted for the recipient address, paste what you copied in Step 5 and submit the transaction.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  There are some malicious programs out there that will replace what you copy on your clipboard with another address.  Always double check the address you put in before sending any funds!


7. When the transaction clears, the wallet page should look like the below screenshot. Also notice that the “Backup” has a red exclamation point now.  Check out this guide on how to backup your Exodus wallet.


8. That’s really it, but if you go back to your “Portfolio” page you should see the Ethereum balance. If there were other coins in the wallet there would be different colors in the ring to indicate the percentage each cryptocurrency is of the total portfolio.



It’s quick and easy to deposit into Exodus.  Although I used Coinbase to send funds, most exchanges will have a very similar process.  The terminology might be different though, so instead of “Send” they might say “Withdraw”.  As an example, this guide goes over how to withdraw from the Binance exchange.  The next step is to make a backup of your Exodus wallet!


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