The Exodus Wallet

The Exodus wallet is an excellent choice when you need a safe place to store one or more cryptocurrencies.  It is also possible to exchange them within the wallet, which is a nice bonus.  The process to setting up your Exodus wallet takes a couple of minutes, so it’s quick and easy.  This guide will cover where to get the Exodus wallet and how to set it up.  This is a desktop wallet and does not currently have a mobile version.  More guides on the functions of this wallet will be released shortly!


Steps to Getting an Exodus Wallet

1. Go to the Exodus website

2. Click the “DOWNLOAD” button

3. Choose the operating system you will be installing this on (Windows for this guide)


4. Run the Exodus .exe file that you just downloaded. The icon will look like the top picture and the install screen will look like the bottom picture.



5. Once it finishes installing, double click the shortcut it placed on your desktop


6. That’s it, you now have an Exodus wallet! I strongly recommend making a Backup of your Exodus wallet.  A lot of people have lost funds because they don’t make backups so be safe!

As you can see from the last screenshot, Exodus allows you to hold multiple cryptocurrencies.  This makes it easier than trying to keep track of a couple of separate wallets.  It also gives a quick glance at your total cryptocurrency wealth.



Exodus has been around for a while and has built a solid reputation.  The interface is beautiful and the ability to exchange assets from within the wallet is great.  They are also active in continuing to advance the wallet and add new cryptocurrencies.  For a couple of web wallet options, check out the guides on setting up an Ethereum wallet and setting up a NEO wallet.  Note that those are specific to their Blockchain, but they are still great choices!


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