Exchange Cryptocurrencies on Exodus

A nice feature of the Exodus wallet is the ability to exchange one cryptocurrency for another from within the application.  You do not need to enter any account information in order to do so. This makes it a quick and easy process, as well as private for those that do not want to deal with signing up at a ‘traditional’ exchange.  This guide will over how to exchange Cryptocurrencies on Exodus.

If you need an Exodus wallet, check out this guide on setting up an Exodus walletAlso, you will need to have funds in your wallet before being able to use the Exchange feature.  Here is a guide on how to deposit into the Exodus wallet.


Steps to exchange Cryptocurrencies on Exodus

1. Open your Exodus wallet

2. Click the “Exchange” button



3. Select the Cryptocurrency you would like to Exchange and the cryptocurrency you want to receive for it.  In this example, I will be exchanging Golem (GNT) for Ether (ETH).


4. Enter the amount you would like to exchange.  Exodus will auto-populate the rest with how much of the other cryptocurrency you will receive.


5. Double check the details of the transaction and then click the “Exchange” button


6. The screen should change, and you will see it on “Step 1 Sending”, which means it is sending Golem to the exchange to be traded.  The screen should look like the below:


7. The screen should change again once it finishes sending.  This is “Step 2 Exchanging”, which means the actual exchange is now in progress.  As Exodus mentions, you can use or quit Exodus during this step, so feel free to check back after a while to see your cryptocurrency.


8. To validate everything went through, click the “Wallet” button and go to the cryptocurrency you should be receiving.  You should see transactions for a fee and a deposit (highlighted green below)


That’s it.  Only a few easy steps  to exchange cryptocurrencies on Exodus.


While Exodus might not have a massive selection of Cryptocurrencies, they do offer a lot of good ones.  It is also nice that you can exchange from within the wallet without needing to setup an account with personal information.  You also don’t have to deal with sending back and forth between an exchange and your wallet.  This makes it easy to exchange cryptocurrencies on Exodus.  If you are looking for cryptocurrencies that Exodus does not have, check out the review on Binance and the review on KuCoin.    


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