Withdraw from Poloniex

Poloniex is one of the top exchanges and provides a lot a liquidity and a decent selection of cryptocurrencies.  Once you have bought from Poloniex you may want to withdraw your new cryptocurrencies into a private wallet.  This guide will go over the steps on how to withdraw from Poloniex into your own personal wallet.

IMPORTANT:  Make sure the cryptocurrency you are withdrawing is compatible with the wallet you are sending it to!  As an example, you cannot send BTC or STRAT to an Ethereum wallet.  You can only send ETH and other Ethereum based tokens (STORJ, 0x, GNT, etc.) to an Ethereum wallet.


Steps to withdraw from Poloniex

1. Go to the Poloniex website

2. Select “Balances” and choose “Deposits & Withdrawals

3. Find the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw and click “Withdraw”. In this guide I am going to withdraw Golem (GNT).

4. Fill in the “Address” and “Amount” fields. The address will be the address of the wallet you are sending to. IMPORTANT: Double check the address, even if you copy and pasted it.  There is a malicious program that will replace what is on your clipboard, so be warned!

5. Click “Withdraw”. You may need to enter a code or check your email depending on your security settings.

6. After going through any extra security steps, you should see a confirmation page like below.

That’s it.  Now you just have to wait for the transactions to be processed and the cryptocurrency will be in your wallet.  In this guide I sent funds to an Exodus wallet since it can hold Golem (GNT).  Check out this guide on how to deposit into your Exodus wallet for more information. 



It’s a simple process and similar to most of the other exchanges.  As mentioned before, just make sure the address is correct before confirming the transaction.  The last thing you want to do is send your cryptocurrency to someone else by mistake.  Check out these guides if you need your own wallet to withdraw to:


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