Sire Your CryptoKitty

One approach to making money on CryptKitties is to sire your CryptoKitty.  You will get to pick a price in ETH, and someone that is interested in your CryptoKitty will pay that price to breed their CryptoKitty with yours.  It’s not a bad way to make some extra ETH if you have some CryptoKitties.  Be warned that this will make their cool down time slower!

The reason someone might pay to sire with your CryptoKitty is that yours might have a rate trait.  Instead of them buying one with that trait for a lot of ETH, they can just pay a smaller amount to breed with yours.  The rarer the trait(s), the more ETH you are likely to receive for siring.


Steps to Sire Your CryptoKitty

1. Go to the CryptoKitties website 

2. Click the “Start meow” button


3. If you haven’t cleared your browsing history, you should be taken straight to your “My Kitties” page (shown below).  Otherwise, just enter the requested details (E-mail and Nickname), click “Save account info”, and click “Sign” when MetaMask prompts you to sign a message.


4. Click the CryptoKitty you would like to put up as a Sire. 


5. Click the “Breed Kitty” button


6. Make sure you are on the “Sire to the public” option.  Enter the following information and then click “Done”:

  • Start Price – What the initial price will be
  • End Price – Lowest price you would want to let someone breed with your CryptoKitty for. You could do higher, but most people start with a high price and want it to lower over time
  • Duration – How long you want the Sire offer to last

The price will gradually move from your start price to the end price until the time runs out.  Example:  A start price of 2 ETH, end price of 1 ETH, and duration of 2 days would show a buy now price of 1.5 ETH when it gets to one day left for the sale.


8. MetaMask will prompt you to confirm the transaction.  Double check the details and click “Submit”.  The network is currently bogged down, so it might take a couple of tries, or you might want to up your GWEI.  Just be aware of the potential gas fee you will be paying!


9. If the transaction goes though, you should be taken to your “Activity” page, where you will see the message that you have started a sale.  It may take some time to confirm the transaction, so you can leave for a while and come back.


10. You can validate the sale has started by checking your “Activity” page to see that the activity is listed as “Successful”.  The other option is to go to your “My Kitties” page and look for a “Wants to sire” tag on the CryptoKitty you wanted to sell, like what’s shown below.


11. If you click on your CryptoKitty you will notice it now has details of the Sire offer as well.


Those are the steps to sire your CryptoKitty.  Now you just have to wait for someone to want to use your CryptoKitty as a Sire!  You should receive an E-mail confirmation if this happens.  Also note that your ETH will be listed under the “Internal Transactions” tab on EtherScan.  Check out this guide on checking your Ethereum wallet balance with EtherScan if you are not familiar with using them.



If you are lucky you probably just made some extra ETH for allowing your CryptoKitty to be a Sire.  Check out the Digital Collectibles page for more CryptoKitties guides.

Feel free to list your sale links in the comments below and please consider sharing this article to help newcomers!


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