How to Setup the QTUM Core Wallet

There are a couple of different wallets for QTUM, but this guide will cover how to setup the QTUM core wallet.  This guide uses the windows installer, but steps will be very similar across operating systems.  A nice feature of QTUM is that it uses a Proof-Of-Stake consensus.  This allows you to stake your QTUM to earn more QTUM, a great way to generate some passive income. 


Steps to Setting up QTUM Core Wallet

1. Go to the QTUM Github page

2. Choose the most recent version for your operating system. I will be using Windows, so I am downloading the “qtum-0.14.11-win64-setup-unsigned.exe” file.


3. Run the .exe file you just downloaded


4. Click “Next


5. Choose your install destination and click “Next


6. Choose start menu folder for shortcuts, or check the “Do not create shortcuts” box and click “Install


7. If it installs successfully you should see a screen like what is shown below, click “Finish


8. The first time you install QTUM you will need to pick a directory for it to store data. Pick a location or leave the default and then click “Next”.


9. The wallet should open and it should start syncing to the QTUM blockchain.  The time it takes to sync will vary based on a number of factors, but you can let it run in the background. Click the “Hide” button


10. To get a receiving address, Click “File” and select “Receiving addresses


11. That’s it, you should see a window that looks like the below screenshot. An address for receiving funds on QTUM will be displayed under the “Address” column.  It’s possible to generate more receiving addresses, but this will be the first one your wallet has.



The steps to setup the QTUM Core wallet are straightforward.  It’s a great wallet with a lot of functionality.  The only thing to keep in mind with wallets that sync to the a blockchain are that they do take up space.  Overtime they grow and more memory is required.  Check back for more QTUM guides and be sure to check out the Wallets Tutorials page for some other helpful guides with cryptocurrency wallets.


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