Withdraw Cryptocurrency from Bittrex

While Bittrex is a reputable cryptocurrency exchange, some might prefer to keep their tokens in their own personal wallet.  This is considered safer because an exchange could potentially shut down at any time.  It’s also just a nice feeling to have them in your own wallet, kind of like carrying cash in your wallet instead of leaving it in the bank.  Luckily, the process to withdraw cryptocurrency from Bittrex is very simple.

You will need your own personal wallet to withdraw from Bittrex.  Check out the wallet tutorial page for Bitcoin, NEO, Ethereum, Qtum, and multi-currency wallet guides if you need one!


Steps to withdraw cryptocurrency from Bittrex

1. Go the Bittrex website and login

2. Select the “Wallets” tab


3. Search for the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw and click the ‘minus’ sign beside the cryptocurrency name. In this example I am withdrawing some SALT.  SALT is an Ethereum based cryptocurrency, so I will be withdrawing it to an Ethereum based wallet.


4. Fill in the “Address” field with your personal wallet address, and the “Quantity” field with how much you want to withdraw. You can use the blue arrow button (highlighted in green below) beside the quantity field to fill in the ‘max’ available to withdraw.  Then click “Withdrawal

NOTE:  This screen will vary depending on which cryptocurrency you are withdrawing.  They are generally all the same though because they require a destination and amount.


5. Verify the transaction details and enter any security measure it might ask for. Click the “Confirm” button



6. Once confirmed it should show in your “Pending Withdrawals” section.


That’s it on how to withdraw cryptocurrency from Bittrex.  The time it takes to get to your personal wallet will vary based on the network congestion.  Also be mindful of transaction fees as they can eat up a lot of your cryptocurrency.


Summary of how to withdraw cryptocurrency from Bittrex

Bittrex is a great exchange with a good reputation and a lot of liquidity.  They are based in the US and play by the rules, which adds credibility.  However, this does mean that they are de-listing cryptocurrencies deemed as securities.  Check out the Binance review or KuCoin review for 2 other great cryptocurrency exchanges.    If you are trading a lot, be mindful of taxes.  Here is an article with 3 great resources to help with portfolio and tax tracking!


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