Deposit Cryptocurrency into KuCoin

KuCoin is a newer cryptocurrency exchange that has a goal of becoming a top 10 exchange.  They frequently add new cryptocurrencies and provide a user-friendly platform.  This guide will cover how to easily deposit cryptocurrency into KuCoin so you can begin trading!

This guide assumes you are comfortable with sending from the current location your cryptocurrency is kept.  Check out the wallet tutorial page for some guides on sending from certain wallets if you are unsure about how to do so.  If you do not have a KuCoin account yet, please consider using my referral link!


Steps to Deposit Cryptocurrency into KuCoin

1. Go to the KuCoin website and login

2. Click on the “Assets” tab


3. On the “Overview” section of the Assets page, find the cryptocurrency you want to deposit and click the “Deposit” button.  In this example I am choosing to deposit “Walton” (WTC).


4. KuCoin will take you to the deposit page for that cryptocurrency.  Copy the address it gives you and use it as the receiving address from wherever you are sending.  For example, Coinbase will ask for the recipients address when sending from their platform.  You would put this address in the recipient field on Coinbase.

NOTE: There is a malicious program that will overwrite what you copy onto the clipboard.  ALWAYS double check the address you copied with the one you entered for receiving. 



As a side note, you can change the cryptocurrency you want to deposit from this page by using the drop-down box.


That’s it on how to deposit cryptocurrency into KuCoin.  Always double check the instructions and make sure you are sending the correct cryptocurrency to the correct address!


Summary of how to deposit cryptocurrency into KuCoin

KuCoin is a great exchange and they have done well for only being less than a year old.  Once you have cryptocurrency on KuCoin you will likely want to trade it.  More guides on how to do that are coming soon!  And don’t forget to keep track of your trading in case you need it for tax purposes.  Check out this guide for 3 great cryptocurrency tax resources.


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