Sell Cryptocurrency on KuCoin

The KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange is quickly becoming popular.  They are adding new cryptocurrencies frequently and continuously making improvements to their interface.  This guide will go over how to sell cryptocurrency on KuCoin so you can begin trading today.  If you do not have an account, please consider using my referral link

NOTE:  This guide assumes you have cryptocurrency on KuCoin to sell.  If you need help depositing to KuCoin check out this guide.


Steps to sell cryptocurrency on KuCoin

1. Go to the KuCoin website and login.

2. Click the “Markets” tab.


3. Choose the appropriate market.  For example, if you want to receive BTC for your cryptocurrency, select the “BTC” market tab.  In this example I will be using the “BTC”.


4. Search for the cryptocurrency you would like to sell and then click on the trading pair.  In this example I will be selling some RPX, so I am selecting the “RPX/BTC” pair.  The bottom screenshot shows the trading screen that should open after clicking the pair.


5. In the bottom right, there will be a “Sell RPX” box.  Fill in the price and amount fields and then click “Sell”.  In this example, I am placing an order to sell 17 RPX at a price of 0.00002BTC each, for a total price of 0.00034 BTC. 

  • Price – Amount of BTC you want to receive for each RPX.  KuCoin will show the current best price, so you can click that to auto-populate the field.
  • Amount – Number of RPX you would like to sell.  KuCoin will show the max you can sell and clicking on this will auto-populate it. 
  • Ratio – This is an optional field.  It allows you to select a percentage of the max you could sell.  For example, let’s say the max RPX you could sell is 100 and you slide it halfway (50%).  It would populate the “Amount” field with 50 because that is half of the max you could sell.
  • Volume – Total amount you will receive based on the Price and amount you entered (Price x Amount). 
  • Fee – This is the trading fee.  The more KuCoin you hold the bigger the discount on fees. 


6. Depending on what price you chose, it may prompt you with the following warning.  Double check that is the price you want and then click “Confirm


7. Your order should now be under the “Active Orders” tab and will remain here until it is filled.  Once it is filled, it will move to the “Dealt Orders” tab.  Notice there is a “Cancel” button that will remove the order in case you made a mistake or no longer want to make that purchase.  That’s it for how to sell a cryptocurrency on KuCoin!



It’s easy to sell cryptocurrency on KuCoin using their interface.  The selection of cryptocurrencies is large and their liquidity is growing quickly.  As of this writing they were doing around $20Mil in daily volume.  1 month ago they were doing roughly $5Mil, so that’s a nice increase.  Don’t forget to keep track of your trading in case you need it for tax purposes.  Here is an article with 3 great cryptocurrency tax resources.  Check out the Exchange tutorial page for more KuCoin related guides, as well as a lot of other exchanges!    

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  1. Greyjoy

    it´s too uncomfortable and complicated.. sometimes i get a headache.
    the best system is by far Binance, very easy to use..


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