View NEO Balance With NEO Tracker

NEO Tracker is a block explorer for the NEO blockchain that will let you view your NEO balance.  It allows you to peer ‘inside’ the NEO blockchain and get details on transactions, wallets, contracts, etc.  This is similar to how Etherscan allows you to view the details of the Ethereum blockchain.  If you are in need of a NEO wallet, check out the guide on how to setup a NEO wallet using NEO Tracker

There are a couple of methods to viewing your neo balance using NEO Tracker, and this guide will cover using the search function and keystore file method. 


Viewing NEO wallet balance using the search function

1. Go to the NEO Tracker website

2. Enter your NEO address in the “Blockchain Explorer” search bar.


3. Click “Search


4. That’s it.  It should take you to a screen like in the below screenshot, which will show your NEO, GAS, and any NEP-5 tokens you are holding.


Viewing NEO Wallet Balance Using the Keystore File

1. Go to the Neo Tracker website 

2. Click the “Open Wallet” button


3. Select “Keystore File (UTC / JSON)”. You will notice a “Select Wallet File” button appear


4. Click the “Select Wallet File” button and choose your Keystore File


5. Enter your password for the wallet file you selected and click “Unlock


6. That’s it! Now you should see a screen like below with your NEO balance:



It’s a straightforward process that does not take much time at all.  If you used the keystore file option, NEO Tracker will store the address (not the private key!) in your local browser storage.  This means you could close out and re-open the NEO Tracker site and it would default to your wallet details.  You would need to upload your Keystore File again if you wanted to actually use it though!  Currently KuCoin is the only major exchange with a variety of NEP-5 tokens to choose from, so be sure to check out their review for more information.


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