Refereum is a decentralized referral marketplace for games.  At it’s core, it provides a global storefront that reduces the costs of selling and marketing games, as well as rewarding individuals for sharing games.  The platform seeks to solve inefficiencies and help developers, influencers, and everyday gamers. 

Please consider using my referral links if you decide to sign up with them!  Here is their website, and here is a link to their telegram.

Developers, Influencers, and Gamers

Developers currently face issues when trying to market or distribute their game(s).  Some distribution companies take massive cuts (30%) of all revenue.  The only other option for a developer is to run their own custom distribution channels.  The current channels may also be region restricted, or provide barriers to those without bank accounts or credit cards.  Refereum’s marketplace removes this 30% revenue share, which allows developers to put more resources into producing great games.  Gamers can also buy from developers without the need for a bank account or any global restrictions, further increasing revenue for developers.

Video game influencers on Twitch and YouTube entertain some of the largest audiences in the world.  Most influencers are limited in how they can generate income, and very few can consistently profit from it.  Companies can also change policies at a moments notice that can hurt an influencer’s income.  Refereum simplifies this and allows anyone with any level of influence to earn money by simply sharing their referral link.  Successful referrals earn Refereum tokens that can be traded for cash or used to buy new content.  Influencers can also choose relevant and monetizable content for their fan bases now without needing to be approached by ad agencies. 

Regular gamers can now also take part in the action by referring games and streamers.  Refereum allows anyone to earn money or purchase games without the need to access a bank account.  All they need to do is refer people to the platform.  This consumer referral system is also a massive benefit to influencers and developers because it saves on their marketing budgets.



The Refereum Token (RFR)

The Refereum token is a utility token and will be on the Ethereum blockchain.  This means you will be able to store it in an Ethereum wallet.  If you  don’t have one, check out this guide on setting up an Ethereum wallet.  The token can be used to purchase games on the Refereum platform.  The tokens are not restricted to just the Refereum platform though and can be moved around freely.  Game developers can also pay out RFR tokens to feature their games to gain more traffic.  People selling digital goods will also be able to list their products by paying RFR tokens.


Refereum ICO Details

The main sale for Refereum will be held on February 8th, 2018.  The total amount being sold are 2.5Billion, with a total supply of 5Billion.  The hard cap is $25Mil USD.  Purchases can be made with ETH, BTC, and wire transfers.  There will be a pre-sale, but you need to sign up for their whitelist in order to receive information on this. 


Refereum Team

The team is very strong and consists of industry veterans in both the game and digital advertising space.  The team currently consists of  7 members and 4 advisors.  The founder is Dylan Jones who has a strong background in the gaming space and helped design one of the highest-grossing Facebook and mobile titles (War Commander) of all time.  The chief technical officer is Alistair Doulin, who brings experience from working on multiple high profile game and engine projects  One notable advisor helping the team is Koh Kim, who currently advises game startups on marketing and business development strategy.  She worked for Google prior to this and was an early member of the Google Play Games Business Development team.



Refereum has a real use case and they are targeting a market that has been growing rapidly.  People are moving away from traditional methods of entertainment and Refereum is looking to capitalize on that.  The team has the experience needed and the platform is already working, which gives a lot of confidence in the team.  Please consider using my referral links if you decide to sign up with them!  Here is their website, and here is a link to their telegram.


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