Ark Wallet

Ark is a blockchain project that seeks to add interoperability between blockchains.  They also provide a staking mechanism, so you can earn Ark for voting.  Before doing this though, an Ark wallet needs to be setup and funded.  The Ark wallet has a lot of features and a very nice interface.  This guide will cover setting up an Ark wallet on a computer running Windows, but the steps will be similar across other versions.


Setting up the Ark Wallet

1. Go to the ArkEcosystem Github

2. Click the link that will work with your operating system.  In this case I am selecting the “ArkClient-Win64-1.5.1.exe


3. Find the file you just downloaded and run it.  The Icon will likely look similar to the screenshot below.


4. Choose where you want this installed and click “Install


5. Once it is completed, click the “Finish” button


6. The Ark client should open up and you will have the option to “Import Account” or “Create Account”.


7. If you choose “Import Account”, enter your passphrase and then click “IMPORT


8. If you choose “Create Account”, BACKUP THE PASSPHRASE SECURELY!  The responsibility is entirely on the user and funds cannot be recovered if you lose or forget this passphrase.  Then click “Next”.


9. Verify you copied the right words down by filling in whatever it asks you too and then click “Create


10. That’s it, you should now be taken to your Wallet’s info screen.  The address for your new wallet is located at the top under “Address“.



Ark is a very promising project and they have a nice wallet app.  You may have noticed they have a “Votes” option and some other features.  Those will be covered in a later article so you can generate passive income by staking your Ark tokens!  If you are interested in other staking cryptocurrencies, check out this guide on NEO and how to stake for passive income.


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