This page contains a collection of resources I have come across during my time in the blockchain and crypto space.  It will be updated periodically and feel free to submit a resource you have come across!

ICO Listings

The below websites contain upcoming and current ICOs.  These are some of the most popular, but if you don’t see one on the list that should be let me know and I will add it!

Cryptocurrency Air Drops

The below list contains resources for finding cryptocurrency air drops.  Let me know if I am missing something from the list and I will be glad to add it!

Cryptocurrency Bounty Programs

The list below contains a couple of resources for finding Cryptocurrency bounty programs.  A lot of projects are also putting bounty links on their website, so check around a projects website if they don’t have a bounty on one of the links listed below.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The following list contains different cryptocurrency exchanges.  There are hundreds, so I am only including the top ones by trading volume or personal usage.  Check out this link for a comprehensive list of exchanges though:









Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets

The following list contains various cryptocurrency hardware wallets.



Cryptocurrency Research/Prices

The below list are websites that provide price information for various cryptocurrencies.  Some sites also provide additional information, such as social media links and the official websites.

Cryptocurrency Tracking

This is a list of cryptocurrency portfolio trackers.  Some include tax tracking, such as CoinTracking and Bitcoin Taxes.

Cryptocurrency Web and App Wallets

This list contains various cryptocurrency web based and app based wallets.  Please note there are hundreds available, so this list will start off small and continue to grow.  Feel free to recommend one that should be listed here!