Currently the team is just a 1-person show, but looking to expand!  Read more below and see if you might be interested.

Chris McCoy


Left the corporate world to pursue blockchains and cryptocurrencies.  After learning about Ethereum in early 2016 I was hooked.  Every spare minute was spent researching and learning as much as I could about this new space.  Having a background in finance, investing, databases, and data analysis, it’s a perfect fit.  Now I work on making Blockchain DK a resource that provides guidance on common questions and issues in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.    



Do you know someone that is passionate about blockchains and cryptocurrencies?  Or maybe you are passionate about them and want to get involved?  I’m looking to bring someone on that can help out with promoting the site, writing new guides/reviews, and make this a go-to resource for the community.  DK stand for distributed knowledge after all.  

Reach out to [email protected] with a little about your background and why you are interested!